Find Starry Skies

Where to find great starry skies in the south.


    Our members’ favorite places to observe starry skies are…


    • Cheaha State Park
    • Flagg Mountain, Sylacauga
    • Chilatchee Creek Campground, Alberta
    • Camp McDowell, Nauvoo
    • Pine Apple
    • Moundville Archaeological Park


    • Brasstown Blad
    • Watson Mill Bridge State Park
    • Ocmulee National Park & Preserve
    • Hancock and Warren counties
    • Hard Labor Creek State Park
    • Deerlick Astronomy Village
    • Stephen C. Foster State Park - International Dark Sky Park Designation
    • Monticello
    • Blue Ridge


    • French Camp (Mid-South Stargaze and Astronomy Conference - Rainwater Observatory)


    • Blackwater State Forest
    • Lutz

    South Carolina

    • John’s Island County Park
    • Hamption Plantation State Historic Site


    • South Cumberland State Park

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