Greg Harber

Alabama Member

    My interest in dark skies is primarily influenced by the effects of light pollution on migrating birds, many of which migrate at night.

    I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL and can recall as a child being able to sit on the roof of our house and watch the nighttime launches of the space missions as they headed skyward from the launch pads at Cape Canaveral - a distance of approximately 180 miles. Light pollution being what it is that spectacle is no longer possible.

    I have limited experiences with nighttime observations in Alabama, except to say that I do have one very vivid memory of seeing a meteor from atop a hilltop outside Clay, AL. I thought for sure the location was in the middle of nowhere, but when I arrived the place was packed with people who had the same notion, LOL.

    I am participating in this group by…

    • serving as a resource/contact from Alabama Audubon
    • writing Alabama dark sky materials on bird migration
    • public education on dark skies and birds

    Reach out to me if you want a presentation on the effects of light pollution and lighted buildings on migrating birds.