Chris Waldrup

Tennessee Member

    Hi from rural middle Tennessee! I have been an amateur astronomer since I was in fifth grade in 1983. A great elementary school teacher who also liked astronomy as well as Halley’s Comet got me fired up into the hobby. I am purely visual, and sketch everything I observe. Mainly deep sky, and globular clusters and planetary nebulae are my favorite objects. I have scopes ranging from my 4 inch refractor to 15 inch dobsonian, a 6 inch reflector as well as an 8 inch dobsonian that I built and ground my own mirror.

    I have always been a dark skies advocate and participated in the IDA back home in NC. I see light pollution as a growing problem and hope to be able to work to create change as part of Starry Skies South and East Tennessee section leader for our statewide IDA chapter. Darker skies for the southeast!